Skin Care Tips – Foodstuffs that you should Avoid

Our skin experiences endless problems if we don’t take proper care of it. Many amongst us do all they could for protecting our skin against exterior factors, such as sunburn and pollution, but quite often we neglect how important nutrition is for maintaining optimum skin health. If you are looking for some skin care tips that work, bear in mind that foodstuffs that we eat and drink play a vital role in the upkeep of our skin. Certain foods are not too healthy for the skin and avoiding them would be the best for ensuing natural beauty and glowing skin. Here are some of the foodstuffs that one should avoid:


It is an impactful natural diuretic. The more you consume alcohol, the more your body will be dehydrated. It is also known to absorb all natural moisture of the skin and makes it flaky and dry which causes wrinkles ultimately. People who have sensitive skin may even experience rosacea just because of alcohol.


You may not have taken it too seriously! Taking 2-3 coffee cups can increase cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone, in your body. Rise in the cortisol levels can accelerate your skin’s aging process and can result in significant damage as well. As caffeine serves as diuretic, its excess consumption will dehydrate the body as well, leaving your skin dry. So, consider it amongst the best skin care tips to cut down on coffee consumption.


Using excessive amounts of salt, particularly iodized salt, is quite damaging to our skin. It can swell up your tissues, giving bloated appearance, as well as adversely affecting one’s overall health. To make it even worse, salt can result in acne outbreak as well.

Soft Drinks

If you are too concerned about your skin health and want to give it a radiant and healthy look, you must make sure that your blood sugar levels are pretty much under control. One glass full of Coke, on average, carries more than 50 grams sugar and this is quite sufficient for triggering acne and skin dryness. Don’t look for any other skin care tips, instead, just try and restrict the use of carbonated beverages to just once a month or week. Quench your thirst with water or fruit juices in order to keep your skin healthy.

Foods Rich in Gluten

Gluten is actually a protein which is a constituent of wheat. According to a recent research, 5-10 percent of US population experiences gluten intolerance. It comes with lots of side effects, however, the ones that are most obvious on your skin are dryness, acne and swelling. The normally consumed foods that are rich in gluten are pasta, pastries, white bread, oats, pizza and cakes. So, it is advisable to cut down on the intake of these foods in order to maintain a healthy and fresh skin.

Our skin requires proper care and in order to keep it healthy, we must first start by taking care of what we eat in our daily routine.