7 Health Benefits Of Cashews

Cashew nuts, also known as Caju in Indian subcontinent is a mineral enriched nut. It was originated in Brazil and then later spread through the world as a well adored food dish. Cashew is usually consumed with salad, but it can be eaten directly also. No matter how you intake cashew, it can give you so many health benefits regardless of its size. It is a potent source of various nutrients like potassium, iron, phosphorus, selenium along with antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Here are some health benefits of cashews that’ll make you a fan of it:

1) Protection against cancer

Cashew nut is a very good source of proanthocyanidis. This is a kind of flavonoids that can prevent cancer and tumor cells from multiplication. Its detoxifying properties allow it to keep our colon health free from risk and helps to prevent colon cancer. The phytonutrients and antioxidants of cashew make it a good fighter against free radicals. Free radicals are one main reasons that can trigger the development and production of cancer cells in our body. Cashews can help you to diminish free radicals effectively and its detoxifying properties can wash away the metabolic waste from our cells. These attributes of cashews make it a very strong protection against cancer.

2) Improves cardiac health

Too much cholesterol can do many harms to our heart and our overall health. Cholesterols like LDL can create blockage in the arteries that hinders the blood to flow through our heart properly. Cashew is a very effective way to remove the harmful cholesterols from our body. It also prevents fat gathering in our arteries. Oleic acid, an essential ingredient for our good health of heart. Cashews can provide us with enough amount of Oleic acid. With all these ingredients, cashew can keep our heart in a good shape and can prevent any kind of cardiovascular disorder.

3) Improves bone structure

Magnesium and calcium are two most components that maintain the bone structure of our body. Cashews are a very potent source of magnesium and calcium. They help us to make our bones strong and healthy. The copper present in cashew helps to combine collagen and elastin, which makes our bone joints flexible and strong.

4) Takes care of our nervous system

Too much presence of calcium in our blood and muscles makes them stiff and rigid. This causes an uprising in our stress level. Magnesium, which is a key component of cashew, controls the calcium from getting too much mixed with our blood. By this it relaxes our muscles and nerves. On the other hand, magnesium helps to control our blood pressure. It also reduces the pain of headache and migraine. Its calming effect can soothe our mind in no time.

5) Macular degeneration

Macula is a small but a crucial part of our eye. It helps us to see things clearly. The 3D vision of our eye is also dependent on macular which enables us to measure height as well as the length and width of a thing. This part of the eye is vulnerable to the harmful UV rays  of the Sun. UV rays can cause macular degeneration, which may damage our visionary health. Cashew nuts can protect our eyes from the harmful effect of UV rays.

6) Aids the digestive system

The fiber components of cashew helps to maintain our digestive system properly. Fibers helps to extract the healthy acids and hormones in our stomach which improves our digestion process. It also gets us relief from constipation. Fibers absorb the extra amount of fluids that hinders the normal process of digestion.

7) Hair care

The Copper that is present in cashew helps our hair to grow strong and shiny. It also reduces the amount of hair fall and promotes new hair growth.